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Find legal information
Manage my knowledge and my documents
Digitalize my paper library
Build contracts more efficiently

Search in public sources
One search. Multiple sources. Only relevant results.

Wasting too much time searching?

Lawyers spend on average 50% of their time searching.

Paying a lot of subscriptions?

On average, lawyers spend €250 per month on subscriptions, only to find legal information.

Having trouble using legal tools?

Many of the current legal databases come from the paper world. They are often slow and do not work intuitively.

Our search engine is fast, easy-to-use and cheap

Consult almost 3 million legal documents and find only those that are relevant to you

All official sources consolidated on one platform. This is why you can immediately get the information you need.

Easily navigate between sources

You can easily click through to references or articles used in a document without the need to start a new search. Lex is accessible on every device.

Save money starting today

Because of our technology, we can offer this product at less than ⅓ of the average market price.

Knowledge management made simple
Draw insights and increase collaboration.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you collaborate

When knowledge stays in the head of individuals, you miss out on opportunities and do work twice.

Lacking a secure and centralized place for your documents?

Security and ease-of-use are top priorities. Generic solutions often don't understand your specific legal needs.

Having trouble using legal tools?

Some legal tools feel like they have been made 10 years ago, without the user experience in mind (which is often true).

Leverage your knowledge in a safe environment

Manage your documents on the go

Manage your documents on the go by using our web-based solution. Easily share exactly what you want with your colleagues or clients.

Use modern collaboration tools

Annotate, highlight and comment on public and private documents. Create value by adding your insights and working closely together with your peers.

Enjoy the intuitive design on any device

You will have the smoothest experience browsing on Lex. The team has put extra effort into making the platform as easy to use as possible, on any device.

Scanning services
Move from paper to digital.

No more room for your paper library?

You have paper everywhere and you don't know where to search? Your paper library takes too much (valuable) space?

Afraid to lose your archive?

Have you thought about backups? What if you move offices? Going digital just makes your life easier.

Leaving untapped value on the table?

Do you feel you lack opportunities because your knowledge is not accessible? Are you tired of reading paper text, without the possibility of making relations between documents?

Work more productively with your digital library

Find what you need in seconds

Our search engine allows you to quickly search through your knowledge base and find what you need. You'll win so much time you can leave the office early.

Always have a backup

You will never lose a file or folder again. All your knowledge is securely stored online.

Turn your expertise into new insights

We can extract all sorts of hidden information from your knowledge base. Contact us for customized projects.

Contract Drafting
Make good contracts, faster.

Have the feeling you're reinventing the wheel?

You are certain that you or someone in your team has made a similar contract before, but you can't find. Pretty frustrating, right?

Spending hours working on a contract?

The drafting of contracts often takes a long time and is very complex. Yet you may feel that it can be better, faster and more efficient without having to sacrifice quality?

Is the learning curve for new tools too steep?

New tools can be very helpful, but we shouldn't overcomplicate things. Lex thinks alongside its users and keeps it simple.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel

Make better contracts

Minimize the risk of errors in your contracts, standardize your language and identity, reuse the right clauses.

Save time

Import the correct clauses into your contract with an easy drag-and-drop, automatically generate a table of content, quickly search through your database of contracts and clauses on keywords.

Export to Word

Work in the environment you are used to, like Microsoft Word, thanks to our handy export button.

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