Legal databases

Official Stage Gazette - Legislation

This group of data gives you access to the text in full of all the legislative acts published in the Moniteur belge since June 1997.

  • Type of contents: legislation and various legal publications
  • Period covered: 1 June 1997 to the present day
  • Completeness: complete
  • Type of data: complete .pdf files and databank text in full
  • URL: Official Stage Gazette

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Justel - Consolidated legislation

Belgian legislation

Législation belge (Belgian legislation) is a research interface that operates by mining two databases: Index législatif (legislative index) and Législation consolidée (consolidated legislation), the content of which is managed by the Justel department at the Belgian Official Gazette. The information from each database is presented in an integrated manner.

The documents obtained are from the Consolidated legislation if a consolidated version exists (± 60,000 at the beginning of 2008), and they are then enriched by all the data in the Legislative index, in particular the table of modifications which, thanks to this application, is now fully updated on D+1. Otherwise, the documents are from the Legislative index (± 160,000 at the beginning of 2008).

The situation of a text the day before it is consulted can therefore be viewed at least in the form of a modification reference with a hyperlink to the official version (PDF as from June 1997) of the modification which was published the day before in the Belgian Official Gazette.

Legislative index

Heading of the normative texts published in the Moniteur belge since 1830 and still in force in 1984

  1. reference to the date and page of publication
  2. indication of any erratum/errata
  3. list of the references of the amending texts, with an indication of the amended article (period: D+1)
  • Type of contents: legislation
  • Period covered: see above
  • Completeness: see above
  • Type of data: headings and references

Consolidated legislation

This databank gives you access:

  1. to the consolidated text in full of all the legislative acts published in the Moniteur belge since June 1994
  2. to the normative texts previous to June 1994 for all the fields of law other than tax law and administrative law, provided that they were published in the Moniteur belge
  3. to the translated language versions published in the Moniteur belge for the texts of the Communities and Regions


  1. administrative law previous to 1994 is being gradually introduced according to the limited availability of qualified staff
  2. the text in full is consolidated within a period of 3 to 5 months

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Juridat - Judicial decisions

Portal site of the Judicial Power with a search engine to find:

  1. published judgements of the Court of Cassation
  2. judgements and decisions of other courts
  3. decisions by the Victim Assistance Commission
  4. opinions of the Commission for the protection of privacy
  • Type of contents: case-law, opinions and decisions
  • Period covered: 1958 to the present day
  • Completeness:
    • for the Court of Cassation: the published judgements
    • for the other databanks: selection
  • Type of data: the judgements and decisions include:
    • an overview (key words, summary)
    • the full text or the abridged version for older texts
    • various structured references (legal basis, publication, etc.)
  • URL: Juridat

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Fisconet plus

Fisconetplus is a fiscal bilingual databank available in French and Dutch. Some documents are also available in German and English. It is a juridical website specialized in tax law.

Fisconetplus is intended for every person (individual, civil servant, person working in the field of finance and so on), who is interested in fiscal matters.

Fisconetplus gives access to different tax codes, circulars, parliamentary questions, legislations, jurisprudence and so on as regards the fiscal matters. The extent and the complexity of this system are mirrored in a large system of content classification (taxonomy).

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