Meet our team

Erik De Herdt

Erik De Herdt - CEO

Erik De Herdt is CEO and Master of Laws (UA). After his professional career as attorney in a Brussels law firm, he became Legal Manager of HP Belux (formerly EDS), and Verizon. Over the past 10 years, he was mainly active as Managing Partner of Hubble, a firm that primarily focuses on legal and regulatory advice to technology companies. Erik is a father of 2 + 2 children and loves Belgian beer, biking and the world.

Toon Vanagt

Toon Vanagt - Co-founder

Toon Vanagt is co-founder of lex and graduated from the VUB as a commercial engineer with a specialization in business informatics. He has been building websites since 1995 and co-founded Casius sa where he launched as CTO the website in May 2000. Toon is a supporter of the “lean startup” methodology and and co-founder of the non- profit organisation He is also co-founder and CEO of, a search engine for financial data. Toon has two children with his wife.

Eric Rodriguez

Eric Rodriguez - Co-founder

Eric Rodriguez is co-founder and civil engineer (UCL), with a specialization in computer science and artificial intelligence. In recent years he has focused on web applications for start-ups:, and (an online auction platform for used equipment). He is currently CTO of Eric is the happy father of three children.